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Wee facts about WEEE


Facts and Figures

  • Electrical goods are the fastest growing waste stream in the UK, growing by 5% each year.
  • 75% of waste electronics end up in landfill.
  • In a lifetime 1 UK citizen will have thrown away 3.3 tonnes of waste electronics.
  • 2 million TV sets are thrown away each year.
  • More than 6 million electrical items are thrown away each year and it is estimated that half are still in working order or easily repairable.
  • We use over 600 million batteries each year here in the UK. Roughly 21 per household.
  • In 2007 only 3% of batteries were being recycled, the rest going to landfill.
  • The UK is aiming to meet targets to recycle 45% batteries by 2016

Fridge collection and recycling… the easy way!

Are you looking to dispose of your fridges in a legal and environmentally friendly manner? Do you need for it to be collected from inside the property or premises? You’ve come to the right place. We help you move bulky fridges with our two man teams from its current location, no need to lift a finger, we’ll do all the humping and bumping. We are fully licenced and insured and can efficiently and safely remove fridges and dispose of them directly to the fridge plant. Here they are stripped and all materials are separated, gases are removed in a controlled environment. It’s easy and convenient and environmentally friendly. Here in Britain we have some of the strictest legislation surrounding refrigerant recycling, which means you know you’re unwanted fridge will be completed recycled in the best possible way giving you peace of mind. Call now to have your fridge collected and recycled! 087448700118

The Number 2 bus, is ready to roll!

Amazing technological advances means that Bristol is the first city to run a bus service fuelled purely on human and household waste… read on!

Get rid of your Junk using a credit card

Junkaway is now accept all forms of payment, cash, cheques, BACS transfer as well as all major credit cards, on our website, over the phone, or directly on our mobile devices. The easy way to get rid of any junk, just got easier!



junk removal

New recycling yard!

We have recently moved into our new recycling yard, and are very proud to be able to offer greater levels of recycling to all of our clients. If you have unwanted items or rubbish that needs removed, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will offer a first rate service at your location. You can be sure that our team of recycling superheros will  separate and recycle every last bit. In turn this diverts massive amounts of waste from landfill, and saves precious resources for our economy. We are now better prepared to tackle bigger jobs and we look forward to offering more competitive waste removal service.

Christmas Tree Removal Service

Do you need your Christmas Tree removed fast? Christmas has come and gone and all the festive decorations are now coming down…. It appears that the council will not be removing domestic christmas trees until the 18th of january!!! We can remove your Xmas Tree in a safe and professional manner and insure it is recycled and composted properly. We offer a low cost, friendly and professional service.. Call us today on 08448700118 and get rid of the that tree!

How to save money on the cost of rubbish removal

What is the cost of waste disposal?

How to reduce the cost of rubbish removal… lets say you’ve installed a new kitchen or bathroom, or you may be having a clear out and want to reclaim the your garage…. maybe a tenant has vacated leaving plenty of junk behind. What is the best thing to do?  and how can you save yourself pounds when dealing with your waste costs…. Well, like many things in life doing it yourself will be potentially the most affordable way, just filling up your car with unwanted goods and driving to the civic amenities where they take all domestic waste free of charge……

You may be busy, or the amount of rubbish to dispose wont fit in your vehicle….. the next most affordable way to get rid of your waste would be to call on a friend who has more room in their car…. you can get vans into the civic amenities but they will check to see if it’s commercial waste so it’s not always guaranteed, they may also ask for proof of residence in the city, as the Bristol civic amenities only caters for residence of the city. There is also a height restriction so taller vehicles may not gain access.

If that’s still not an option then you can look into calling a licensed waste operatives, essentially there are three major categories:

1) Skip companies

A big lorry (7.5 tonne and bigger) will come and drop of a funny looking bin, which will be of a pre-determined size at the location. Prices for skips in Bristol can be seen Prices, as you can see from the comparison site are elevated, mainly due to landfill tax which is the main cost for waste disposal. Generally these companies are very efficient at delivering the skip, but then who is going to fill it? already the skip is expensive but then you need to get your hands dirty and break a sweat just to fill it up! or their maybe a cheeky neighbour who sees a bit of room and fills it up before you do! or the skip is not big enough and now you need to shell out more money…. Also if you want the skip on the road, Bristol city council charges a fee to park the skip on the road, this costs £50!… fortunately the skip companies take care of the paper work but the council still wants the fee and the skip won’t be delivered until this has been done, only adding to the cost of removing the rubbish

2) Hippo bags

Cheapest one is is £79.99 for 1 cubic yard! £94.99 for 1.5 cubic yards! and you do all the loading and dragging out to the roadside! You also need to buy the bag which can set you back an other £9.99 and you have to go to a DIY shop to purchase them or order them online and wait for them to be delivered…. (possibly the most expensive and method!)

3) Licensed junk removal waste carriers  like us!

We are fully licensed and insured, we can provide you with a more competitive price than the options above, we do all the loading and because we are doing it by hand we can separate out all the waste streams before loading them on the van. There is always two people in the vehicle so big bulky items can be carried out carefully from your property without damaging your home, or yourself,  we wear protective clothing such as gloves and steel toe cap and sole boots. We move the rubbish swiftly causing minimal disruption to your environment. we take from a single item to entire building and we only charge for what volume you take up in the van. When dealing with recyclable materials  we can save you pounds on  the cost of rubbish removal, for example we can take loads of scrap sometimes free depending on amount and value of metals, and card at more competitive prices, again with house clearance and furniture it can often be very bulky and potentially not too heavy so we can afford a better price saving money time and effort…… all in all we’ve been established for 8 years now and feel pretty confident that we can deliver a better service and price than the alternatives. Many thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope we can be of service to you.


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    Five star people to deal with, five star service, and competitive pricing. We (Atom Content Marketing) moved office and left a ton of stuff behind that Junkaway removed for us. Nevertheless the job ended up being smaller than the one that Junkaway had quoted for, so they simply charged us less rather than holding us to the previously agreed price.

    There were a series of complications at our end, so the goalposts kept moving, but the Junkaway team took it all in their stride and kept smiling. We were very impressed and have no hesitation in recommending them.