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Pond Filling and Rubble Deliveries

Pond filling or just leveling the land? Do you have a pond that needs filling? Do you need some rubble or hardcore for foundations, small or large Junkaway Bristol ltd can deliver and fill that pond, with rubble, hardcore or even topsoil! Our vans can carry heavy loads straight to your location and have a tipping mechanism which facilitates the unloading and filling your pond. Our two man team are there on hand making sure all debris is filling the pond and is left nice and tidy. Call now and get your pond filled!

****Please Note: We have been contacted by the Freshwater Habitats Trust Office Manager with regard to this service who are worried about ponds being filled without planning permission and thus threatening freshwater habitats. This what they had to say…

“As a charity trying to protect, create and enhance freshwater habitats and the abundance of wildlife they contain we are of course slightly concerned that this sort of practice goes on. Of course ponds do occasionally need filling, whether it is through land development after a professional ecological survey has been completed and necessary mitigation methods have been put in place, or for garden ponds when new owners may wish to landscape the garden etc, however we would like to think that people would never just proceed with a pond filling without all due care and consideration being taken for the implications to the natural environment and of course after considering what may be living in the pond.

What may appear run down and neglected ponds can be havens for wildlife and even simple surveys like our Big Pond Dip can reveal what is living beneath the surface.”


So we would like clients to seriously consider pond filling and carry out all necessary ecological surveys and planning before going forward with this service. Once evidence of such formalities is provided we would be happy to fill your pond!

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